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Vedankur Ayurved

   Ayurveda is one of the most ancient systems of healthcare and medicines, its antiquity going back to Vedas. Mere absence of the diseases is not the health, rather the state of enjoining uninterrupted physical, mental and spiritual happiness is the health in real sense.

     Vedankur Ayurved Multispeciality Clinic aims not only the ayurvedic treatment in scientific way but also propagation of Ayurveda as an ancient science. This multispecialty clinic has emerged as the most respected brand in superspeciality Ayurvedic treatment in a very short period. The chronic disesases like Joint disorders, Spine disorders, Skin disorders, Abdominal disorders etc. are successfully treated adopting a very scientific approach and best quality ayurvedic medicines.

     A neat and spacious Panchakarma center is available with all modern facilities. The treatment division has a team of expert physicians and therapists. It is always tried to provide quality healthcare services to all sections of society.


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