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Facilities Available

Vedankur Ayurved Multispeciality clinic is an authentic Ayurvedic treatment centre in operation since 2012. Following various faculties are available

i) Joint And Spine disorders treatment faculty
ii) Abdominal disorders treatment faculty
iii) Children disorders treatment faculty
iv) Skin and Hair disorders faculty
v) Female disorders and Infertility treatment centre
vi) Panchakarma therapy Centre
vii) Nadiparikshan Centre
viii) Chronic diseases (Hypertension, Diabetes, Obesity, Thyroidism) treatment Centre

Every faculty is run in the supervision of expert Ayurvedic M.D. doctor. Separate Ayurvedic M.D. female doctor is available for the treatment of lady patients.

The facilities available are
1) Specialist Ayurvedic doctor in every faculty
2) A neat, spacious and Well Equipped Panchakarma centre
3) Before and after pregnancy treatment centre for ladies
4) Suvarnaprashan and regular checkup centre for children
5) Ayurvedic Beauty treatment Centre
6) Chronic diseases (Hypertension, Diabetes, Obesity, Thyroidism) treatment Centre
7) Yoga and Pranayam guidance centre
8) Dietary Advice centre


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